Summer is here at last, and all we want to do is pack light and enjoy our time at the beach. 

But, even with the year's most anticipated season, there are bound to be some spoilers that'll remind you that nothing is ever too good or perfect. 

Summer isn't really everyone's cup of tea in Egypt and here are some reasons to prove they are not totally wrong:

1. The blazing sun and the heat make us think twice before leaving the house

Sometimes, you just want to turn on the AC and stay home all day. Not even the beach can cool you off. 

2. The overcrowded coastal cities and the terrible traffic jams

Going to the beach means fighting your way through waves of people before reaching the water.

3. Not to mention men donning really short swimsuits

Or even worse, swimming in their underwear. 

4. People with soaking wet clothes on public transportation

Whether you find an empty seat or you're unlucky enough to get on an overly crowded bus, you will get your share of other people's bodily fluids. 

5. Getting on the bus only to find it smelling like armpit

Once you make it to your seat, you immediately open the window to stick your nose out. 

6. Jellyfish invading Egypt's beaches

You stand staring at the infested water as it sings to you like sirens luring men to their death. 

7. Having nightmares about exam results after having packed for the north coast trip

Why is it that most of us still dream about oversleeping and missing an important exam?  

This constant nightmare wakes you up horrified, jumping out of bed, only to realize that it's been 10 years since you graduated. 

Seriously ... Make it STAHPPPP!