With only six months to her wedding day, Mia Khalifa is certainly teasing her fans with what her wedding dress could look like next summer. 

Back in March, the former Lebanese adult film star announced to the world her engagement to Swedish chef Robert Sandberg, whom she describes as the love of her life. 

Khalifa revealed at the time how the two met, saying she had followed him on Instagram in February 2018 after the restaurant he was working at won a three-star rating in the prestigious Michelin guide. Sandberg then sent her a direct message soon after and the duo directly hit it off.

A little over one year after he met Khalifa online, Sandberg popped the  question on May 14 during a dinner date at Chicago's Smyth restaurant. According to the chef, who described his proposal as "a perfect night," his fiancée "almost fainted." Khalifa explained she did not see the proposal coming since Sandberg had repeatedly expressed his dislike for restaurant proposals.

Now, the online star who's quite open about her life on social media is sharing with her followers more details regarding her big day. 

Is she considering this dress for her wedding? The answer is no

Around mid-November, Khalifa slipped a photo on Instagram with the caption: "If anyone is wondering (no one), I will be living in @markarian_nyc's white dresses until the day I walk down the aisle 👰🏽."

As her wedding is no secret, really, the 26-year-old felt like teasing her fans perhaps with how she'd look like as a bride. 

From the background of the photo, she's home and not at a bridal shop ... yet she's enjoying herself in a silky white dress. Why not? The girls from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. aren't the only ones who sit at home in full-on wedding dresses like it's nothing. 

This gown isn't the one Khalifa will be rocking next summer and is instead a casual dress she felt like wearing. But in spirits for the Jour J, she chose a white outfit to start prepping herself. 

But maybe this one is the serious option?

It definitely looks like this strapless puffy dress is the one to go for, though the caption accompanying her post proves a bit confusing. 

On Dec. 8, Khalifa brought up the matter of picking a wedding gown again, this time showing herself at one of well-known American fashion designer Vera Wang's stores. 

"Imagine if I was this extra. *if*," read the caption. 

Does she mean the tiara is too much for a wedding? Or the part where she acts half royalty, half model? We can't be sure what she meant by this, but we know for a fact she's running against time to find the perfect bridal attire, and she looks rather amazing in this one ... tiara on or off. 

In a reply to one of the comments left under her post, Khalifa told a follower that she loves the dress but it does not match the venue Sandberg and herself picked. In another reply to a comment that read "Charli loves the tiara, 'She looks like a princess'," the bride-to-be said "SHES going to be the princess!!!" 

So maybe she's keeping the tiara but going for a different dress? Too many questions to be answered probably by next summer.