With a little over a week left before the beginning of this year's Eid holiday, HotelsCombined.com revealed the top 5 countries where UAE nationals and residents will be vacationing. 

According to Khaleej Times, the findings are based on data gathered from travelers who had booked their hotel accommodation as early as April. 

So which destinations made it to the list? 

Take a look: 

1. Bali - Indonesia

Given that Eid comes right ahead of summer, many have selected Bali as their holiday destination. 

The island is widely known for its beautiful nature and gorgeous beaches. 

2. Europe

Many in the UAE will be spending this Eid in Europe, vacationing in countries like Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Iceland. 

3. Turkey

A favorite tourist destination to many in the UAE and the Arab world. It's no wonder Turkey didn't compete with many countries to make it to the list. 

4. United Kingdom

Home to a few of the world's most iconic tourist attractions and also a great place to escape the summer heat. 

The United Kingdom is certainly a perfect Eid getaway destination. 

5. United States

For many families, this year's Eid holiday also marks the beginning of the long summer vacation - a perfect opportunity to visit faraway places like the U.S.