Saudi tweets highlighted the size of the flood disaster that invaded the district of Jeddah last week.

Saudis used the hashtag #جده_تغرق_من_جديد  or "Jeddah drowning once again" on Twitter, remembering a similar crisis that took place in 2009. The previous disaster caused huge losses including more than 120 confirmed deaths and 350 missing.

Below are the most prominent scenes that underline the seriousness of the recent floods affecting Jeddah.

1. Water flowing from electric sockets

"Because of the flood in #Jeddah_now .. a Saudi citizen shows water coming out of electric sockets in his house .. comments?"

2.This toppled building

"The latest of the damage caused by the Jeddah flood .. collapse of center where the Book Fair was to be held by the end of the month. #Jeddah_floods #Book_fair #Jeddah"

3. Some heroic acts

"#Jeddah_drowns_again .. and young Saudi men save a family from drowning in the flood in Tabuk"

4. Light pole or fan?

"The municipality of Jeddah offers lights and a fan at the same time for the comfort of its people. #Jeddah_drowns_again"

5. Best make the most of it

"#Video: Jeddah's people are incorrigible 

 "God bless" "

6. Apparently water & fire can mix

"Watch the floods in Jeddah and a car burning

Floods in #Jeddah due to rain and a car burns "

7. And there's a dress code

"The municipality of Jeddah demands from people to wear the official Saudi costume when it rains."

8. The civil defense definitely did its part

"Part of the efforts of the #Civil_Defense to save those trapped because of the #Jeddah_rains"

9. Even new buildings weren't immune

"This is how the new airport in #Jeddah is doing. Let's hope it doesn't stay this way at its inauguration !!"

10. And some just enjoyed despite the chaos

"Funny video showing kids playing in the latest floods that the Saudi district "Haql" faced."

This article was originally posted in Arabic on YallaFeed .