It’s that time of the year again, where you pick up a paper and a pencil to scan 2015 and write down resolutions. Since we are concerned for your health, we will be providing you with the most essential health resolutions to implement in your daily routine, in hope that it will grow into a good healthy habit.

1. Lose weight

Set a goal that in the end of year 2016, you will have to have lost X kilos. But to help reach that goal, set subgoals that you must follow through with every month. For example: Have three healthy meals every day by the end of January or go to the gym at least once a week ... (Buy a calendar to write down your goal and subgoals, it can boost your motivation and keep you on track of your improvement)

2. Quit smoking

While it is true that quitting smoking isn’t easily done overnight, it is important to note that if you have the will, dedication and sometimes the adequate professional help, anything is possible. There are various different methods for you to quit: for some people reducing the number of cigarettes works, for others the nicotine patches. It is important that you discuss with your doctor or pharmacist of the method you are going to use for an optimal outcome. You can do it!


3. Save money

Do you live 10 minutes away from work/school? Go walking or by bike (less damaging to the air as well!). Is your gym membership too expensive? Quit and start exercising at home (you can buy home training DVDs of any type of sport or even have access to them online for free). Is your fridge constantly full of food that you end up throwing away? At the beginning of the week, make a grocery list of what you need the most and avoid “over shopping.”

4. Eliminate stressful habits

Working late hours? Spending time away from the family? Eating poorly? Not exercising? These are some of the nasty habits that eventually wear us down and accumulate stress in our body that lead to chronic illnesses such as insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease and more.


5. Give more

Studies have shown that when people give/help others they are most likely to be happier than those who don’t. Therefore, engage in volunteering activities and take your family/friends with you.

6. Cut back on alcohol

As we already discussed previously, alcohol is not all that good. After the holidays, it is time you give your liver some rest, more like, a LOT of rest. Try having a one month detox every now and then, by stopping all consumption of alcoholic beverages for a whole month.


7. Get more sleep

Adequate sleep can do wonders. It boosts your memory, it relaxes and rejuvenates your entire body, it improves your mood and more. Lack of sleep has been recently linked to increasing risks of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Adults must sleep for a duration of 7-8 hours, while children need a little more (up to 10 hours)

8. Take a break!

It is important to take breaks/vacations every now and then, whether you are a student, parent or the CEO of a company. Vacations are always essential to get you out of the routine, to put you on an adventure before you lose your mind!

Sometimes bad habits are difficult to get rid of, but if you have the will and dedication to change and create good habits for the benefit of your health and well being, then start today. The more you postpone your decision, the harder it will become for you to change into a healthier person.


Happy New Year!

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