The head of Saudi Arabia's national TV channel was sacked from his position over the broadcast of Majida Al Roumi's musical concert, which took place in the kingdom over the weekend, Sabq news site reported

The event came as part of the Winter at Tantora festival and was live-aired on the government-owned channel on Friday. 

A trusted source who spoke to Sabq confirmed the order was issued by Daoud Al Sheryan, President of the Radio and Television Authority. 

The decision was made because officials reportedly deemed the concert "inappropriate to air on the platform."

The concert was taken off air minutes before it ended

The live broadcast was inexplicably cut short even before the concert ended. Just hours later, the sacking of Saudi TV's top official started making the rounds online.  

Many were puzzled by the decision and couldn't find anything "inappropriate" considering the event was licensed by a governmental body.

Here's a little of what people had to say on the matter: 

Some people were all for the sacking

"He made a wrong decision to air the concert. We don't have a problem with the event itself. But it should've been aired on SBC channel, Rotana or MBC. Saudi's official channel has its conservative audience. Things like this shouldn't be broadcast to them."

Others speculated the reasons behind it

"I think this has to do with payments and distribution rights for the live broadcast of the event."

Many just didn't understand the decision

"The concert took place in Saudi Arabia and was hosted by the country's government so it's pretty normal for the kingdom's main channel to broadcast it. This is just so contradictory."

Mainly because of this fact

"So it's OK for people attending the concert to watch it but it's not OK for the channel to broadcast it? I don't know where they get these decisions from!"

"The stupidest news I've ever read"

Saudi humor took over the scene

"Where was the concert held? In Africa?"

"It's OK to host it, but not OK to broadcast it!!!

"There are so many things you'll see in Saudi Arabia that you won't get to see in any other country."