You probably noticed that a lot of successful entrepreneurs and leaders take pride in their sock collection, flaunting their flamboyant inner fashion guru any chance they get. Canada's PM Justin Trudeau is probably the first person who pops in any boring person's mind. 

A quick Google search as basic as "Justin Trudeau socks" will result in hundreds of photos of the prime minister's bright and colorful foot gloves. Though his expressive socks may seem odd to boring souls, it has a much deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

A 2018 study by Harvard University found that one marker of success is a person's dress choices. Titled "The Red Sneakers Effect," the study found that successful people are usually non-conformists; this quality is often reflected in people's dress code habits. In one study conducted, the researchers looked at the non-conformist dress in a professional setting. They found that people who "dress down" were thought to be of higher status. Professors, for example, who wore t-shirts instead of suits were seen to have a greater level of competence. 

Source: Google

The study cited Eric Jennings, the men's fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, who once said: 

"The more novelty, the brighter or bolder the pattern or color, that's what men are buying." 

It then added that marketers of both niche and mainstream brands have been capitalizing on clothes and accessories that reflect "non-conformity" to cater to people's needs. Dress choices have become a mode of expression for many. 

Brands in the Arab world have also been following the same path, especially in the space of socks. Sikasok, Kalse, and Luanatic are examples of local brands that create crazy-looking socks that resonate with Arabs all over the world. Here's a look at a few socks you should consider investing in so that people take your success seriously: 

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