Sexism against women in Egyptian society is revealed through some scary statistics.

Based on Interviews conducted by the United Nations in 2013, the International NGO Amnesty International says that 99% of Egyptian women are subject to sexual harassment and 91% of women between 14 and 49 were subjected to circumcision.

But, what about men who are subjected to physical violence by their wives?

A new study conducted by Luxor Institute for Studies, Dialogue and Development revealed that 50.6% of Egyptian men are victims of their wives’ physical violence and that a third of these women do not regret their actions.

The study also points out that violence is increasing among the illiterate to reach 87%, with the majority of women abusing their husbands. Also, 5.63% of them use sharp objects for their violent acts.

This article was originally posted in Arabic on YallaFeed .