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If you were asked what is the best thing that has ever happened to chickpeas, would you take more than two seconds to respond? Well, Google wants the entire world to memorize the answer.

Hint: It's falafel ... with the "possible exception of hummus," as the tech giant puts it. 

On June 18, Google decided to celebrate the delicious deep-fried balls in an adorable animated doodle. So, instead of getting the company's normal multicolored logo, people in many countries are being welcomed with a falafel bite diving into a piece of pita bread. 

The popular Levantine dish finally got the recognition it deserves. The animated doodle is appearing for users in many Arab and non-Arab countries alike including - but not limited to - U.S., Argentina, UAE, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, and Lebanon. 

Google Doodle has been reminding Google users of historic and legendary figures from around the world for years. A number of Arab figures have been honored through the tech giant's artistic doodles in recent years.

From film and literature to pioneering innovators, the tech giant has made sure to highlight the heroes of the Arab world. Now, Google has officially acknowledged the importance of falafel in the lives of every human being with taste buds (inclusive of all Arabs). 

Falafel has traveled across different decades and a vast number of countries and cultures - so it only makes sense to see it being celebrated with a doodle. However, its exact place of origin is still a debate among many, with some claiming it had originated in Egypt, others believe Palestine to be its hometown, and some people think the Turks should be thanked. Whenever and wherever it originated, we want to send thanks to the society that brought about an edible gem to the world. 

Some appreciate Google's gesture

But, A LOT of people are just confused

Come on, it's cute!

Don't you wish you could snuggle into a pita bread like that?