We know Google Doodles so well by now. With every occasion, every anniversary or tribute, the doodles are always just perfect. In honor of International Women's Day, Google celebrated the next generation of Doodle-worthy women from all over the world and did not fail to include women from the Arab world, specifically Egypt.


Visiting 13 cities from all around the world, including Cairo, Google asked 337 girls and women to complete the sentence "One Day I Will" and released a video to celebrate inspirational and aspiring women from across the globe.

From toddlers to grown women, Egyptian girls and women shared their aspirations for the future. From the little girl who aspires to be an "actress" to the explorer who wants to "put a bag on her back and travel the world" to the one who aspires to become "Egypt's first president", these women really show what Arab women aspire to do.

You can watch the full video on YouTube .

Happy International Women's Day!