Internet giant company, Google, is known for its honorary homepage Doodle section, in which it pays homage to inspirational icons from around the world.

Today, April 10th, marks late legendary Egyptian actor Omar Sharif's 86th birthday... and Google made sure to celebrate this occasion with a doodle

Born to Lebanese-Syrian parents in Egypt in 1932, Sharif pursued an acting degree at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Starring in movies such as The Blazing Sun (1954,) A Rumor of Love (1960,) There is a Man in Our House (1961,) and Lawrence of Arabia (1962,) the latter movie was the one to set him off to international fame

After meeting also Egyptian actress, Faten Hamama, on the set of The Blazing Sun, he converted to Islam - changing his name from Michel Demitri Shalhoub to Omar Sharif - and married her in 1955. 

Source: Maghribiyate

As this honorary doodle reached 48 countries, according to Al Jazeera, people and media quickly took notice and joined in on this tribute. 

People all over Twitter were impressed and happy with Google's move and made sure to share their excitement on the social media platform. 

People were happy, to say the least

And remembered the great actor through his many movies

"Nice to see the Google doodle celebrating the life of the great Omar Sharif"

Tweeps approved of Google's doodle

It's a good start of the day

It cheered up many tweeps

"So dope"

"He is one of my all-time faves"

"I am so happy Omar Sharif is on the Google page"

"Happy Birthday Omar Sharif"

Love is in the air

It even got people interested in watching his movies

Some tweeps had to crack jokes

And wonder who drew this not-so on point photo

A brief history of Omar Sharif's great work

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The late award-winning actor, who passed away in Cairo in July of 2015 at the age of 83, gained fame in the Arab region as well as internationally. 

Sharif, who excelled in both Egyptian and Hollywood films, was nominated in 1963 for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category at the Oscars for his iconic role in Lawrence of Arabia (1962.)

In 2016, he was honored at the Academy Awards during the ceremony's In Memoriam section, in which the Academy honors film talents who died during the previous year.

He won two Golden Globe Awards for his roles in Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago (1965,) and a César Award for his role in the French drama Monsieur Ibrahim (2003.)

In addition, Sharif was awarded the Golden Globe Award for New Star of The Year in 1963, a now discontinued award the Hollywood Foreign Press Association formerly gave to the most promising new actors in the film scene.