The internet always outdoes itself; luckily, new memes always surface to help validate this claim. 

Earlier this week, social media users came together and brought forth a new meme, "Gonna tell my kids", whereby people use historical figures, celebrities, fictional characters, and other subjects to depict someone with a matching vibe. 

Of course, Lebanese politicians got a taste of the bitterness online, though they've deservingly been getting a lot of it offline, too. Many Twitter users matched the energies of the politicians to famous villains and not just random characters ... because evil is evil, right?

1. My precious Gollum

2. Stubborn adhesives

3. Stomping on peasants

4. Oh relax, Joffrey

5. Take an ORANGE

6. Not any kind of orange, but an annoying kind

7. Speaking of the color orange

8. The High Sparrow gets the spotlight

9. So does Sleeping Beauty

10. A horrific Christmas carol

11. Kelon ya3ni kelon