Instead of finding the perfect thing to give this holiday season, why not give experiences instead?

That's exactly the idea behind Saria Moutran's newly launched Beirut-based company Wonder.full .  The unique concept allows you to give an experience within one of four categories: Glamour, Gourmet, Adventure and Harmony.

Even better, instead of specifically choosing the experience, the Wonder.full package that you select instead contains a catalog of various options that the person receiving the gift can choose from.

Here's how it works. First, the receiver opens the box and picks one activity from the catalogue of experiences. Then, he or she contacts the selected provider and books his or her favorite experience. Finally, he or she uses the voucher and lives the "wonder moment" to the fullest.

Moutran launched the product last night at a gala event in Beirut's Ashrafieh neighborhood. Attendants enjoyed a peek at what Wonder.Full has to offer while sampling fine wine, imported Japanese whiskey, delicious Thai food and gourmet chocolate.