Gigi Hadid takes her modeling career very seriously ... and her latest near-catwalk misstep proves this very fact. 

On Monday, the 22-year-old model was taking part in Anna Sui's New York Fashion Week show when her right stiletto fell off her foot just seconds after appearing on the runway for the second half of the show. 

But, that didn't stop the Palestinian-American model from pulling off an incredible catwalk, minus one stiletto. She walked the runway on the tip of her toes as if nothing happened. 

According to Glamour, one of the model's heels wasn't properly secured during the final backstage preparations, which caused the shoe to fall off her foot as she walked the runway. 

Luckily, Anna Sui found the missing shoe! #Cinderella

Skills Level: Gigi Hadid

She makes us all feel 'meh'

#SisterGoals indeed

For the finale walk, Gigi held on to her sister, Bella, as they closed the show together. 

This is serious #SisterGoals right here. 

The model is serious #LifeGoals

Gigi deserves 5 stars without question

But, not everyone was impressed

But, it's not the model's first time

In February, Hadid's dress got caught on her heel during the Moschino show in Milan. But, being the pro she is, she was able to untangle herself before falling face down on the runway. 

Gigi Hadid ... you're a boss!