If you're dying to get a tattoo, maybe it's time you get something that's mystically unique. Blending Arabic calligraphy with various shapes, Karima Sharabi, an Arabic tattoo designer, redefines the meaning of getting inked. The next time you step into a tattoo parlor, make sure to take these 12 designs with you:

1. Family


2. There's no place like home

"لا مكان أفضل من الديار"

3. Only from the heart can you touch the sky

"فقط من القلب يمكنك لمس السماء"

4. Mother and Father 

"ام أب"

5. Metamorphosis


6. Aya 


7. We are all one

"كلنا واحد"

8. I surrender myself to myself

"اني اسلم نفسي لنفسي"

9. Amen


10. Unity


11. Purity 


12. Strength, Courage, Faith  

"قوة شجاع إيمان"