The popular U.S. theme park company Six Flags Entertainment Corp announced plans to expand its roller coaster empire into Saudi Arabia.


Six Flags CEO John Duffy made the announcement after meeting with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

"We're very honored to be provided with an opportunity to enter into a partnership to bring Six Flags to the kingdom... Our parks can provide the entertainment to which Saudis aspire," Duffy said, according to Reuters .

Prince Mohammed is currently touring the U.S. to meet with political and business leaders in regards to the kingdom's ambitious "Vision 2030."

Expanding cultural and entertainment opportunities within Saudi Arabia is an integral part of the 2030 plan, which aims to greatly diversify the kingdom's economy.

"We consider culture and entertainment indispensable to our quality of life. We are well aware that the cultural and entertainment opportunities currently available do not reflect the rising aspirations of our citizens and residents," the plan says.

Additionally, the plan says the government will provide "land suitable for cultural and entertainment projects. Talented writers, authors and directors will be supported."

The news comes as the United Arab Emirates plans to open its Dubai Parks and Resorts development later this year.

The development will feature Legoland, a MotionGate theme park, Bollywood inspired theme parks and several water parks, as well as hotels, shopping and dining options.

So, get ready for lots more fun and excitement in the GCC!