Remember the days when you used to gather around the TV with an endless supply of popcorn and chips just to watch the iconic comedy plays of legendary actors such as Adel Immam and Fouad El Mohandes?

Take a walk through memory lane and reminisce about all the times you laughed uncontrollably.

1. El 3eyal Kebret

Starring Ahmed Zaki, Saeed Saleh, Younis Shalaby, Nadia Shoukry, Hassan Moustafa, Karima Mokhtar, and Adel Imam, the play revolves around five delinquent siblings who discover that their father is having an affair.

2. Madraset El Moshaghbeen

Starring Saeed Saleh, Adel Imam, Ahmed Zaki, Younis Shalaby, Hassan Moustafa and Suhair El Beily, the play first came to life in 1973, a few days after the war of '73 was concluded. The famous play revolves around a group of students who cannot be controlled by the school's principal or teachers. In an attempt to get them "behave," the school hires a female teacher, leaving the boys upping their antics.

3. El Wad Sayed El Shagal

Another one of Imam's famous plays is "El Wad Sayed El Shaghal." In this play, Imam plays a servant who ran away from his village to avoid going to prison on an assault charge. After ending up in the cosmopolitan area of Zamalek, Imam becomes a servant for a rich family. However, nothing turns out as he expected.

4. Ana Fein W Enta Fein

From Fouad El Mohandes to Shoueikar, a number of celebrated actors and actresses participated in this play which is about a widow (Shoueikar) who asked her husband's secretary (Fouad El Mohandes) to work from her home following her husband's untimely death. El Mohandes falls head over heels for widow but he needs to keep the differences of social status in mind.

5. Al Za'em

Yet another, perhaps the best, play that Adel Imam participated in is Al Za'em, which follows the everyday events of a dictator ruling a Middle Eastern country.

6. Shahed Mashafsh 7aga

Amr Hariri, Nahed Jaber, Saeed Tarabeek, Samir Walei El Din and Adel Imam came together to create a play that will never be forgotten. The play is about Sarhan Abdel Nasser (Adel Imam), a man who witnessed a murder. Once told he needs to appear in court to testify, Imam tries to dodge all questions in a variety of comical ways.

7. Sayedty Al Gamila

In another memorable collaboration between Shoueikar and Fouad El Mohandes, Sayedty Al Gamila eventually made it to Broadway in NYC. In this play, El Mohandes is on a mission to find a beautiful young woman for the King to raise. After meeting Shoueikar and being absolutely mesmerized by her beauty, he takes her to the King. However, Shoueikar proves to be a little rougher around the edges and it is now upon El Mohandes to raise a proper young lady.