Growing up, there must have been a list of songs that just occupied your entire childhood. Whether it was sung to you as a child by your mom, or a nursery rhyme you learned at school, or just because it was a hit really, memories come rushing back every time you hear the tiniest snippet of the song. Here's a list of 8 songs that will leave you feeling nostalgic all day:

1. 3ami Bou Mas3oud

Whenever it's time for food, the only song our parents would use to get us to eat.

2. Hal Seesan

3. Baba Fein

My all time favorite!

4. Kilon 3andon Sayarat

5. Tik Tik Tik Ya Em Sleiman

6. Ya Teta Ya 5otyara

7. Ta2 Ta2 Ta2iyeh

Duck, duck goose, anyone?

8. Daddi 7atta Batta

Time for bed.