Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who has now become the face of Wonder Woman, is no stranger to being roasted online by Arabs. 

After Wonder Woman was banned in many Middle Eastern countries, Gadot came to spotlight for being a former Israeli soldier who publicly supported Israel's bombing of Gaza in 2014, having served in the Israeli military for two years. 

Gadot's tribute to the late physicist Stephen Hawking received plenty of hate

Many were quick to point out how ableist her tweet was, considering how discriminatory it is to point out Hawking's physical constraints, which never stood in his genius way. 

Arabs and BDS supporters, on the other hand, properly schooled Gadot on Hawking being pro-Palestine and standing up for the occupied state multiple times

A kind reminder

And a reassuring one

Some educated Gadot

Schooling her on Dr. Hawking the legend

Adding some words to her vocab

Others weren't so kind

Preach it, sister

She can really do everything

She must know a few things about constraints though

And about Palestinians being subjected to unfair circumstances

Just delete your tweet and go, Gadot