Renowned French climber Alain Robert scaled the world’s tallest twisted tower, Cayan Tower in Dubai, Sunday night.

“An old dream of mine has finally come true,” Robert told Emirates 24|7 after finishing his climb. “I was very anxious since I woke up at 5am (Sunday) and till 8 pm. The anxiety was also driven by the thought - ‘would it be my last climb.'”

The Frenchman, who climbed Burj Khalifa in 2011, mounted the 75-storey tower in just over an hour without using a safety harness.

The climb, which was part of a property launch by Cayan Group, was done at night due to the blistering day-time temperatures on the building’s facade.

Robert has scaled some of the world’s tallest structures – including Paris' Eiffel Tower, New York’s Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House – often getting arrested for attempting to do so without permission.

Robert worked with Cayan Group for more than a year before scaling the building, with engineers working out the safest route up the structure. Other than some tape on his hands, and a bag of chalk to keep them dry, Robert scaled the building entirely unaided.

We're impressed.