On Tuesday, French authorities arrested Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred after his bail terms over previous rape charges were appealed by prosecutors.

The 33-year-old was officially charged with rape on August 28 after a woman in southern France filed a complaint against him.

Subsequently, the singer was placed under formal investigation over the incident - which allegedly took place in a hotel in Saint-Tropez, a coastal town in the French Riviera.

However, he was released on bail and placed under judicial supervision, which prohibited him from leaving France, after the French judiciary ordered his release "on probation after he paid his bail".

People are hailing the arrest under the hashtag #Masaktach (we won't be silenced)

The Twitter hashtag and page was created to "defend the cause of all victims of violence in Morocco".

People are using Lamjarred's case to call out sexual assault cases in Morocco, regardless of the fact that the incident took place in France.

The victim of the assault, Laura Prioul - who is of French origin - expressed relief after the court's decision. Prioul also thanked those who stood in solidarity with her under the hashtag #Masaktach. 

"Thank you to all those using the hashtag [won't be silent] and to those who boycott [him] and for the messages of support and finally justice," Prioul tweeted on Tuesday.

"Believing women who dare to speak is the biggest challenge in a country like Morocco"

"Even our music is sang by rapists"

"I don't accept trash as idols"

Not Lamjarred's first arrest for sexual assault

In 2016, the Moroccan singer was arrested after allegedly raping and beating an unnamed French woman. 

In April 2017, Lamjarred was released on bail with an electronic tether that constantly alerts police of his movements until another trial was held.

An American woman accused Lamjarred in 2016 of physically and sexually assaulting her in Brooklyn in 2010. The singer allegedly fled the U.S. after posting bail, having been arrested and indicted.

According to The National, Lamjarred denied all accusations and pinned them on being "blessed with fame".

Despite the two accusations, Morocco's King Mohammed VI threw his support behind the pop star, hiring a top-notch lawyer to represent him in court.

"This is a favorable response to a request from the family of the singer who sought his majesty's intervention, and with respect for the presumption of innocence," the Moroccan embassy in Paris said at the time.