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Four Saudi men - in their 30s - were arrested on Tuesday for harassing a group of women driving by Jouri Mall in Al Taif, Saudi Arabia. 

The detainments came after several videos capturing the incident went viral on Saudi Twitter. 

In one of the clips, the men can be seen trying to touch the women by forcing their arms through the car windows. In another, one of the victims appears to be confronting the men while they screamed at her.

The videos sparked outrage across Saudi Arabia and led thousands to call on authorities to take action against the harassers. 

After news of their arrest circulated online, many were relieved and asked officials to punish them under the kingdom's anti-sexual harassment law.

Not everyone blamed the men though, some people played the victim-blaming game and thought the women who appeared in the videos instigated the assault. 

As usual, some tried to blame the women for being harassed

"Some women being immodest and shameless is one of the causes of harassment. If a girl doesn't want anyone to harass her, she shouldn't leave her house alone and should fear God when choosing her clothes, the way she wears her veil, the way she walks and talks outside of her home." 

But others were just having none of that

"OK, where are the animals who blamed these women for being harassed?"

"These men must be held accountable and must be put on trial in public"

"The anti-sexual harassment law has not yet been applied except for the case of the woman who hugged Majid Al Mohandes. But these men we see harassing women, no law has stopped them yet." 

This isn't the first incident to take place in the area

"This always happens around Jouri Mall, whether it's during the day or at night. Ban these men from entering malls." 

"I swear this is so regressive, I wish the government would strictly punish such people"

Sexual harassment continues to be an issue in Saudi Arabia

Sexual harassment cases are reported in Saudi Arabia on a daily basis and the country is now adamant to take action against the alarming rates of abuse.

In recent months, police departments across the kingdom have made immediate arrests in several abuse cases captured in videos that went viral on social media.

In addition, the country has passed an anti-sexual harassment law aimed at protecting victims.

The law is of vital importance in the kingdom, where women continue to face high rates of sexual harassment. Activists hope it will encourage more victims to come forth and report their abuser.