In recent weeks, Arabs across the region have taken to social media to complain about flies raiding their countries. 

Large numbers of the pests have even made headlines in several states including Kuwait and Iraq

But people in this part of the world have become masters at turning their misery into humor ... and things aren't so different when it comes to this. 

1. On the severity of the problem

2. On jokes infesting social media

3. On hilarious fly jokes

4. On memes that are on point

"My situation with these flies."

5. On serious threats

"Every time I open windows of hope, flies come in."

6. On making fun of flies

"Flies when I get my food and sit down."

7. On your readiness to fight

"These flies are waiting for me to open the door."

8. On finding solutions

"I say we try to solve this amicably with the fly leader."

9. On a viral fly song showing up right on time

10. On flies ruining everything

"It isn't enough that flies are after me everywhere, they came to ruin my video."

11. On WWIII

"The third world war is going to be between me and flies."