Let's face it. Tablets are in. They're super portable, look great and do just about everything you need to get done during the day without being a traditional computer. Tablets are also just gimmicky enough that they can be less work and a little more play as well. Who wants to be that person who is always looking at their phone?

So if you're looking to ditch that laptop and get in on the tablet action, here's a starter selection of high-end tablets for you to choose from. Android, OS X and Windows...we have it all.

1. iPad Air 2

It won't  bend like the iPhone 6  even though it comes as skinny as you get 'em. We promise.  This new generation iPad Air does, however, come with a more powerful processor and more built-in storage than its predecessor. If you're looking for an iOS tablet with great functionality coupled with sleek and sultry style, the iPad Air 2 is your leading lady.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

No list of high-end devices would be complete without a Samsung. The Galaxy Pro tablets hold their own against the iPad Air. There are two words that make all the difference here: expandable memory. Oh yeah, and then there's the HD display with 4 million colors. And with the add-on full size keyboard (extra purchase), it can do pretty much everything. Can you tell that we are fans?

3. Lenonvo Yoga HD+

It might be a little bulkier than most tablets, but this baby is a big improvement from the earlier models by Lenovo. It's sturdy, it's flexible and if battery life is what you're looking for, then this is the one. Sure it's a little pricier than other, arguably better, tablets out there. But its front facing speakers (which are loud ) and built-in stand means you will be carrying around a portable HDTV.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft ... what ... what is  this exquisite piece of technology you've made for us? It seems unjust to call it a tablet. It's more like a thin and pretty laptop - a colorful MacBook Air. This beauty comes with what Microsoft has dubbed the Type Cover (additional purchase available in five vibrant colors) and the Surface pen. Touch screen, keyboard and stylus. Come on. We're swooning.

5. NVIDIA Shield

You don't use a tablet for work. In fact, you're not the tablet type. You're a little more hardcore than the Candy Crush  kind. Well honey, NVIDIA's got something special for you. The Shield tablet is one of a kind. This bad girl comes with a Tegra K1 mobile super chip, meaning you get similar graphical support as you would from an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card for the PC. And why would you need that? So you can play your PC games on the go. Is that your tablet? Or are you just happy to see me?

Honorable mention: Sony Xperia Z3

While the hardware Sony has packed into this tiny 8 inch device leaves much to be desired, the Xperia Z3 tablet is what you want if you are waiting for the bus during a rainstorm. Or if you like throwing expensive technology into pools. In this respect, Sony stands out from the crowd. What we're wondering is when waterproofing will finally become a standard requirement for all devices, so we can finally stop worrying when they fall into the toilet.

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