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In a recent milestone hit by an Arab YouTuber, Iraqi Noor Stars has reached 10 million subscribers on her channel. She is officially the first Arab YouTuber to hit this number, making her eligible for YouTube's famous Diamond Play Button

Iraqi-born, Syrian-raised, and American-based, Noor Naim - known as Noor Stars on social media - has a cumulative of 1.1 billion views on all her videos on the video-sharing website. 

Speaking to MBC's Sabah El Kheir Ya Arab (Good Morning Arabs), Naim shared her immense pride in the title, emphasizing on the importance of believing in one's dreams. 

"It's been my dream for years. The most repeated word I would hear was 'Impossible.' People told me you won't achieve this. No one else before you has done it," she said on the TV show. 

Having an Arabic-speaking channel reach this new height in the Middle East and North African region was challenging for the 21-year-old, but she proved everyone wrong. 

On Feb. 3, approximately, she made it to the 10-million mark after her 2014 start and is set to receive her Diamond Play Button from YouTube's Dubai offices. 

Watch her reaction to the news ... though she fell asleep monitoring the big moment

Just in November, Naim had reached 9 million subscribers, which made her one extra - like, extremely extra - million followers in the past couple of months make all the difference. 

Her channel includes all kind of videos, but her main focus takes shape in comedic skits. 

In one of her most popular videos, reaching 14 million views, she funnily depicts the differences between the lives of an Arab newlywed and an already married woman. Another video, this time a 10-million reaching prank, she destroyed her sister's makeup kit along with some of her clothes.