Celebrity gowns often end up categorized under the fashion police's "best" and "worst" dressed lists. What people weren't aware of, though, is the lesser known third list "Arab food."

You'd think stars under constant limelight would pick gowns from international fashion houses, but it isn't always the case. Sometimes, they take the Arab world's cuisine as a source of inspiration. 

This list proves us right:

1. This Fifi Abdo "mehshi malfouf" outfit

2. This Kendall Jenner vs. "wara2 3enab" dress

3. You see a dress, we see "wara2 3enab"

Tina Lawson Knowles, Beyoncé's mother

4. "Mortadella zaytoun" in Ahlam's dress

5. Sherine Abdul Wahab straight out of a "tabbouleh" bowl

6. "Gazl el banet" turned into a gown

Kelly Rowland, singer and previously a member of girl group "Destiny's Child"

7. Ahlam in an "Amar al-Din sheets" outfit

8. Can you spot the "baqlawa arabiyye" in Emma Stone's dress?

9. The Lebanese "tarbouche" swimsuit of fashionista Nadine Adel Aziz

10. The "lahme nayye" dress

Lady Gaga