A father who was on board of a flight from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo won over hearts all over social media last week.

According to Al Watan Voice, the man used his arm to keep his daughter comfortable after she fell asleep in the seat in front of him for the entire flight. 

When a passenger, now identified as Mamdoh, noticed that, he took a photo of the dedicated parent and uploaded it on Twitter.

The image was then posted on Facebook where it went completely viral.

It all started when someone caught this moment on camera

"The tenderness of a father... This kind dad used his hand as a pillow for his sleeping daughter throughout a flight from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo. Over 40 minutes and he never moved. I took a picture of him, even though what I really wanted to do, was get up and kiss his forehead." 

The image then went viral on social media

While some reacted to the whole thing with humor

"But why all this hassle? He could've simply asked the air hostess to give her a pillow." 

Others were more sentimental

"This image is so beautiful... the definition of a father." 

And just loved the gesture

"Some fathers are like this, a blessing"

Quite literally

"A father = support."

Because who doesn't need someone like this in their lives?

"We all need a father like him."