Paris Fashion Week saw a whole lot of unexpected things. First, Cardi B showed up in full "niqabi" mode in a country where the face-veil is banned. Photos and videos of her dress choices turned heads, garnering the attention of thousands. And then the spotlight turned to Gigi Hadid after she decided to play "fashion police" in quite a different way. 

In the now-viral video, the 24-year-old supermodel can be seen confronting a woman who crashed the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week. Hadid corners the guest after she randomly joined other models on the runway. The so-called prankster has since been identified as French comedian Marie S'Infiltre, whose real name is Marie Benoliel, according to BBC News.

Benoliel attended the fashion show wearing a jacket and skirt in an outfit that freakishly matched Chanel's plaid heavy collection. So, some may have missed the comedian's meddling between two models, but Hadid's bold eye was not among those. 

After spotting her, the supermodel immediately led her off the runway. 

BBC News reported Benoliel had planned the prank as part of a publicity stunt. "We are not going to make a drama out of it," a Chanel spokeswoman told the publication.

"An iconic moment"

Many attendees captured the "iconic moment" on camera, sharing it widely on social media. One video was shared by Twitter user and editor-in-chief Tyler McCall, amassing over 2.4 million views at the time of writing. 

So, it was only natural to see a barrage of comments rush in soon after. 

"A whole new meaning to FASHION POLICE"

"Gigi Hadid, my favorite bouncer"

A non-Hadid depiction of Hadid

And another one

OK, last one

"The best guard of the Chanel show"

More like "I want Gigi Hadid to be my bodyguard"

"Imagine being escorted off the runway by Gigi Hadid"