If you're a fan of Arab satire, then you've probably come across the Facebook page Adeela  at least once before.

The Facebook page is nothing short of humor, bringing something truly comical to the table when it comes to celebrities, Arabs and otherwise. The name of the page is actually " Adeela," which is the Arab version of Adele.

Photo source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Early Monday morning, the Facebook page was blocked and unreachable for reasons that were not clear.

Which were later made clear...

Since then, the Facebook page has been reactivated.

While the page was down, Adeela fans were showing their support and love for the page.

Because we all need a touch of Adeela every single day of our lives.

From those just showing their support...

To those offering "wasta" services

And those just impatiently waiting...

And waiting...

And telling off those haters

Because why on earth would Facebook block the page?

Then, of course once the page was back... the "mabrouk" messages began to take over

And we're all just relieved to have Adeela back in our lives!