Egypt's ever so famous Zamalek-Ahly rivalry, the one that makes best friends archenemies and siblings fight for hours on end, reached a new turning point Monday night when Zamalek beat Al-Ahly 2-0 in Cairo, winning Egypt's Cup.

The two goals secured by Zamalek's celebrated striker Basem Morsi earned Zamalek a victory that marked Zamalek's first domestic double since 1988 (winning both league and cup titles)

In addition, it ended Zamalek's infamous eight-year "Ahly jinx" as it was Zamalek's first time beating Ahly in 21 games in all competitions since the 2-0 league victory in the 2006/07 season.

The glorious win for Zamalek had football fans in Egypt (which basically means the entire population) losing their minds both online and offline. Shortly after the match ended, the Internet almost exploded from all the memes, hashtags and bitterly sarcastic comments.

Perhaps the most entertaining though was the top trending topic in Egypt on Monday, the Arabic hashtag titled "there's no need to rub it in their face, Al-Ahly gets sad."

But every single Zamalek fan that used the hashtag made sure there was some form of rubbing it in their face, of course, and the results are nothing short of hilarious.

Was The Swan Lake playing at the stadium?

"The Swan Lake ha-ha"

Even newspapers are not letting Ahly off the hook

"Even the newspapers are rubbing it in their faces."

The headline of the newspaper reads: "Zamalek sacrificed Al-Ahly.. before Eid. He brought back the school of art and engineering and won the cup, with his two goals, Basem made millions happy."

Zamalek fans are enjoying the morning after the victory

"Every time you look at the Ahly fans today at work."

They swear they're not crying!

"The Ahly fans.. "I swear I'm not crying"."

They won't even let the poor guy grieve his loss in peace

"You're too young to worry like this ya Lozah "Oh it's so sad"."

Ahly fans are probably lying low at the moment..

"Play dead, play dead."

And of course Zamalek fans have to use metaphorical memes

"Al Ahly is like an old woman who keeps saying "I used to be pretty when I was young" every time she speaks."

These are dark days for Ahly indeed

"I'm telling you they are dark days!"

Now they think Zamalek should just play itself apparently

"They're saying now that the super match will be between the white Zamalek, the league champion, and the blue Zamalek, the cup champion."

Is Zamalek really just running out of other teams to beat all of a sudden? Only time will tell, after all, football fans can be just a tad egotistical and overly-dramatic.