A fake advertisement claiming that Egyptian actress and belly dancer Fifi Abdo is set to teach a belly dancing course in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, sent people into a social media frenzy. 

The ad started circulating on Twitter late on Tuesday and has since gone viral. It features a poster with Abdo's image printed on it, along with details of the course. 

"Registration is open for both men and women, the course is open for registration from February 17 to 25 and costs 3000 riyals ($800). Participants will receive an accredited certificate," the ad reads

Soon after it started making the rounds, tweeps noticed the ad was fake... but that was only after a hilarious online meltdown ensued.

It all started when this ad went viral on Twitter

Neither Fifi Abdo nor the kingdom's Entertainment Authority have officially advertised the event. 

The ad also makes no mention of the authority, a government body that licenses and governs all entertainment events held across Saudi Arabia. This circulating post seems to have been uploaded and widely shared by social media users.

At first, people bought into it...

And reactions immediately flooded Twitter, with thousands commenting on the event via the now-viral hashtag 'Fifi Abdo in Jeddah.'

A hilarious meltdown of the sorts then ensued

"Fifi Abdo is coming over."

"I am going to quit college and change career after this course"

"Are you sure we're in Saudi?"

Some took the ad seriously

"Oh God help us, I hope this news isn't true."

"This is just the last thing we need now"

Many had their doubts over the entire thing

"You're all so gullible, you believe anything and everything you read. This is a fake ad, there isn't any official authority sponsoring it and the contact printed on it is fake... use your brains just a little."

And tried to prove it was fake

To prove the news was fake, many tweeps emailed the contact printed on the ad and all their emails bounced back.

We tried to email the contact and got the same response

The news is now being labelled as 'fake'

"Important note: Tweeps are widely circulating the news of a Fifi Abdo dance course set to be held in Jeddah. We note that the news is untrue." 

Even though an official statement on the matter is yet to be made, Saudi tweeps are now refuting the news via their accounts on social media.