On Sunday, a video of the legendary Lebanese singer Fairouz began making the rounds online and people began speculating whether the singer was cooking up a new song. 

Well, the speculations are over ... and the song is finally out! 

Titled "Lameen," the song is based on the original work of  "Pour qui veille l'etoile" by Jean Claude Pascal. The lyrics were adapted by the singer's very own daughter, Reema Rahbany. 

It's been years since Fairouz last released a song, so to say fans were expecting an epic comeback is an understatement. 

Some people were beyond impressed, but others were disappointed.  

A "timeless" singer

Some got all nostalgic

Others got everything they needed from this one song

"I thought Fairouz had given up on her audience"

Honoring the legend with words of praise

"Right on time"

Not everyone was impressed though

"Is hating Fairouz's new song considered a national crime?"

Plagiarism claims ensued

"Lameen didn't live up to my expectations"

Despite it all ... every Fairouz song is "my favorite song ever"