After nine days of constant bombings in Aleppo and nearly 30 airstrikes hitting medical facilities, many innocent people have been left dead and many more homeless. This adds to the ever growing number of civilians that have lost their lives, not just these past few days, but for more than five years now.

With the recent civilian attacks in Aleppo, people in the country, region and the world have gone online to show their support for all the families who have lost their loved ones in this ongoing war. But, it seems that this has raised one question among the online community.

People have turned to Twitter with the hashtags #MakeFacebookRed and #AleppoIsBurning. Thousands of users pledged to deactivate their accounts or turn their profiles red to raise awareness, not just to Facebook, but to the entire world that Aleppo is burning, more and more each day.

Jordan's Queen Rania did not miss to shed light on the crisis

Many deactivated their Facebook accounts because that's all they had the power to do

Or turned their profiles red to stand by those in the war-stricken country

People in D.C. did not fail to show their support

Others wanted to make a point that the world did not notice

And that innocent lives are being taken away

While some are feeling helpless...

Others are taking a stand