Algerian authorities announced the arrest of a Salafist who vandalized one of the country's most important monuments, the historic statue of Ain El Fouara, Al Wafd reported

In a statement he made to Egyptian TV program "DMC evening", Algeria's Minister of Culture Ez Al Din Al Maheoubi said the man will be prosecuted for attacking the monument, which is located at the heart of Setif city. 

He explained that the reasons behind the attack were religious but are completely inexcusable. 

Al Maheoubi also said that the statue was built 120 years ago and bears a significant cultural value in Algeria, adding that a number of experts have been dispatched to the scene in order to repair the damage that has been done to it.

The video went viral all over social media

In the now-viral video, the attacker is seen hitting the nude statue with a sharp object, while hundreds gathered around him.

As the footage continues to make the rounds online, thousands of Algerians are still commenting on it. 

While the majority are completely against the attack on the monument, others are trying to defend the man's actions, saying that because Algeria is an Islamic country, the statue must be taken down. 

Here's a little of what people had to say about the incident:

Some are hailing the attacker

"May God bless you and thank you for doing this. We are not a nation that accepts statues."

But many are completely against what he did

"Instead of destroying a statue made of stone, destroy what's in your brain. Culture helps develop and build places. The only thing you cause is destruction. You link everything you do to religion in order to justify your ignorance." 

"They lust over a woman made of stone, not even statues are safe around them"

"When values die, beautiful art and culture die along with it. They lust over a woman made of stone, not even statues are safe around them."

Many called on authorities to take action

Others vented through humor

"Our bearded man in Brazil."