Source: Sabq

Arabic-speaking expat couples who want to wed in Saudi Arabia can finally hold Islamic marriage ceremonies at their homes, Arab News reported

Before a decision passed by the kingdom's Ministry of Justice last week, all expat marriage ceremonies could only be held in courts.

However, the latest legislation grants marriage officers the power to hold ceremonies at home and is set to make wedding ceremony procedures much easier. 

The new order will also lessen pressure on Saudi courts, which were often overcrowded given the fact every court wedding ceremony had to be attended by the couple getting married, the bride's male guardian and two witnesses. 

According to Arab News, the new service is now available in personal status courts in Riyadh and Madinah, but will later extend to 14 other personal status courts across the kingdom. 

At this initial stage, the service is only available for non-Saudis who speak Arabic, but will later open up to expats who don't speak the language as well. 

The first expat wedding ceremony held at home went viral

The first-ever expat wedding contract to be signed outside of court took place on Thursday in Jeddah. A photo of the contract went viral online hours after the ceremony was held. 

Many hailed the latest decision

"Before the latest decision, an expat's marriage contract had to be signed in a court. This led to overcrowding at several courts across the kingdom. This move is a step in the right direction."