A Pakistani expat based in Dubai was so desperate to stay in the emirate, he committed a crime that would land him in a local jail for life.

The 27-year-old construction worker murdered an Indian colleague using a piece of cloth in a horrific random attack that took place in February, Khaleej Times reported.

Public prosecution records revealed the motive behind the murder to have been the defendant's desire to go to prison in the UAE for the longest time possible. This is because he is embroiled in a dispute with his brother back home and doesn't want to go back to Pakistan once his work in Dubai was complete.

The man pleaded guilty in his most recent appearance in court. His next court session has been scheduled for May 13.

The policeman who first responded to the scene of the crime when it took place spoke in court, relaying details of the shocking incident. 

He said the accused confessed to having had no issues or prior disagreements with the victim. 

"He admitted that he killed the victim while the latter slept during the break time. He said he strangled the victim to death. He expressed his desire to enter prison as he did not want to travel back home. He claimed that a man filmed him naked and sent his photos to his brother in Pakistan and that his brother was threatening him," he said.

"The worker claimed he was determined to commit any crime to go to prison," he added. 

The police officer told the court the accused looked normal right after the incident and showed no signs of regret.

A 24-year-old Egyptian man who was working at the scene when the crime took place also made a stand in court. 

In his statement, the man explained that he and a few others rushed to the victim's aid when they noticed what was happening. He said that even though they tried to pull the defendant away from his victim, it was already too late. 

Local media outlets also reported that the accused picked his victim because he was an elderly colleague and wouldn't have been able to put up a fight.