saudi fire

An Afghan expat in Saudi Arabia died in a tragic fire on the night of his wedding, Sabq news site reportedAccording to the local site, the man's wife survived the accident and has been hospitalized.

The fire, which took place in the couple's new apartment in Mecca, happened early on Saturday. It came just hours after the newlyweds celebrated their marriage in Medina. 

The tragic incident is going viral on social media

The cause of the fire has yet to be confirmed by authorities and people on social media continue to speculate the matter. 

In a statement he made shortly after the incident, official spokesman for Mecca's Civil Defense, Nayef Al Sherif said investigations have been launched into the case and authorities are now working on identifying the cause of the fire. 

Soon after it was first reported, news of the incident went viral on social media.

Many were heartbroken over the news


"May God grant his parents patience"

"This is incredibly disheartening for everyone"

"We belong to God and to him we return... may he rest in peace." 

Fire incidents on the rise across the kingdom

According to the latest statistics, fire accidents have been on the rise in Saudi Arabia. 

In 2016, 51,781 fires were recorded across the kingdom, a one percent increase from 51,188 incidents reported in 2015.

In a report released by the country's Civil Defense, it was stated that around 65 percent of fire accidents occur in residential buildings or houses. 

The report also found that the majority of fire accidents in the country were caused by children who were left unattended. Other main causes were found to be faulty gas stoves and heaters.