Gone are the days when Arab desserts were plain simple ... just the way we like them. The most creative version of desserts - such as basbousa or kunafa - is when nuts or whipped cream is added on top. 

But, that's no longer the case (unfortunately?), as basic desserts have become the exception whereas the crazy combos have become the norm.

FYI: Not everything needs to be drowning in Nutella to taste good. We like simplicity, so why can't our desserts be left alone?

1. "Popcorn Kunafa" makes me want to leave this planet

Someone thought it would be a good idea to add caramelized popcorn to kunafa ... because who likes basic, right? WRONG. 

2. "Kunafa with Ferrero Rocher ice cream" is a dessert I don't want to try

Kunafa is best served hot ... and doesn't taste better with something cold. It's one of those desserts that totally loses its essence when mixed in with ice cream. 

3. If I wanted kunafa, it wouldn't be a "cheesecake kunafa"

Source: Atbaki

If you think about it, kunafa is the Arab version of a cheesecake, as the cheesy middle layer makes it a famed dessert in the region. 

The difference is the type of cheese used (akawi vs. cream cheese) ... and no, we cannot and will never be able to give up our akawi for cream cheese.

4. Why does a "Zalabya & Kunafa" mashup exist?

Source: EYDT

It's a cheesecake wrapped up in kunafa and zalabya ... and covered in chocolate. Do these dessert shops aim to accelerate tooth decay among customers?

5. Heaven is not made of "chocolate covered kunafa"

Not all people with a sweet tooth are fans of chocolate, and ALL kunafa lovers despise seeing cocoa-related products covering kunafa.

6. Comfort food does not consist of "S'mores Kunafa Pie"

s'mores kunafa pie
Source: Cleobuttera

S'mores?! How did the person who created this even think that a s'mores + kunafa combo would attract customers? 

7. "Kunafa on a stick" cannot be real life. No. Stop.

Kunafa was born to be served in a massive stainless steal dish as it sits atop a burning flame to keep the cheese warm. Serving it on a stick totally kills its authenticity. 

8. "Kunafa in a croissant" is not a breakfast option

If not eaten with a fork, kunafa is eaten in mini kaaki. But, a croissant is really not meant to be stuffed with kunafa. 

9. "Avocado Kunafa" makes me hate avocados altogether

Avocado Shakes, OK. Avocado Salad, OK. But, Avocado Kunafa should be banned from Planet Earth.