All designers have encountered their fair share of odd requests and tricky situations . Clients From Hell share some of the juicy stories from their website with StepFeed. These horror stories are bound to resonate with designers.

Client Story: Great Compliment!

"Wow! You have such a talent for illustration! This could even pass for Microsoft Word clip art!"

Client Story: Eagle Fear

Client : Design me a patriotic banner ad. I want it to really pop and be aggressive.

Me : OK, here are your two concepts. Which do you prefer?

Client : WTF is this, two ads? You promised me 12 ads! Where are my 12 ads?

Me : Those would be 12 sizes sir. We will make those, after you decide on a direction.

Client : OK. I like both. Which do you like? I trust your judgement. Make it more patriotic.

Me : OK, here’s the one I think you’d like. I also added a bald eagle.

Client : I love it, but I can’t really see the eagle. More eagle.

Me : Hmm. It’s tough working under 100 pixels, but I’ve made successfully made the eagle bigger. How’s that?

The client vanishes for 3 weeks.

Client : Why is my campaign not up? I am very dissatisfied with your service!!

Me : Let’s see, we’re still waiting on your approval. Is it approved?

Client : Yes. Less eagle. The eagle scares me.

Client Story: Submit Today

Client : I need you to submit the designs today.

Me : I already sent it to you last night via email. You can log in to check for yourself.

Client : I tried checking my mail. Do you think I’m stupid? But every time I try to put in my password, only black dots appear.

Client Story: Color Confusion

"Can you just use neutral colors? You know, like lime green and neon orange?"

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