Emirati motivational speaker and social media commentator Khalid Al Ameri is no stranger to going viral on social media, and his latest viral video is as heartwarming as it gets. 

In it, the media personality and his wife, Salama, show people exactly what Christmas is like in a Muslim country and explain that while many Muslims might not celebrate the Christian holiday, what they do celebrate during that time of year is co-existence. 

Speaking to Gulf News, Al Ameri said the video aims to highlight the importance of tolerance and diversity in the UAE and also sends a powerful message of "co-existence".

"We face a lot of challenges, but there is still a lot of positivity happening in our region, and the more we highlight it, the more hope it gives people that things can get better, and there’s no better way of moving forward than with tolerance," he added.

He also said he was thrilled at the overwhelmingly positive response to the video, adding it has been shared on Twitter by the UAE's embassies in several countries, including the United States

Posted on Thursday, the footage has since amassed 7 million views and is still making the rounds online.

People loved it...

Many hailed Al Ameri and his family for their message

"Never heard something so moving and well explained about our culture"

Many shared heartwarming experiences of Christmas in the UAE

"We celebrate life, living in peace, good will, and every HOLY day together"

Watch the full video here: