This week, Ellen DeGeneres' well-known holiday giveaways kicked off with a pretty cool surprise ... a trip to Abu Dhabi's Yas Island

The comedian made the announcement on an episode of her daytime TV show The Ellen DeGeneres Show featuring American actress Jennifer Aniston. The celebrity duo gave out several gifts in what was dubbed "Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways" before revealing the grandest of them all. 

Among the expensive presents the approximately 400-member audience received, a $500 gift card was the lamest and cheapest. This is just in comparison to the other giveaways that followed, not that anyone would reject such a gift on its own to begin with.

A $700 Samsonite luggage set was also a scream-inducer, along with a six-month subscription to Hydrow (a rowing simulator workout machine) worth $2,400. 

So far so good ... gifts totaling $3,600 per audience member. That's, to anyone, more than enough. 

Except for Ellen DeGeneres herself. The comedian isn't satisfied with one day of gifts, no. That's why she has 12 of them, which are ultimately worth millions of dollars. 

"They have all the stuff but nowhere to go," DeGeneres teased the live audience after they've been yelling and jumping in disbelief for almost four minutes straight. 

"You know what Ellen, I think we should send them some place exotic. There's an island called Yas where you can ride the fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World, catch a wave at Yas Waterworld and meet your favorite characters at Warner Bros World," Aniston chimed in.  

"They're going to fly there on Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE," she added, sending the studio audience into hysterics. 

As Etihad air hostesses handed out tickets to thrilled people, Degeneres made sure to surprise Aniston with one and kept another for herself. So who knows, we might be seeing the two stars land in Abu Dhabi soon. 

Not the first time Degeneres sends people to the UAE

In 2017, DeGeneres gifted 425 audience members an all-expenses paid seven-day trip to Dubai.

Not only that, the audience members also won stays at Atlantis The Palm, a luxurious ocean-themed destination resort in the city, for six full nights.

In 2016, the comedian surprised the studio audience with yet another trip to Dubai. 

At the time, she partnered with Emirates to send the show's fans to Dubai, a city she visited with her actress wife Portia de Rossi in 2015.