On Friday, the famous Lebanese star and three-time World Music Award winner Elissa performed a concert at the famous Olympia Hall (L'Olympia) in Paris and completely took her audience's breath away.

As expected, the show was completely sold out and was attended by around 2000 fans who gathered from all around Europe and the Middle East to witness her much-awaited performance.

Fans that weren't lucky enough to be there in person stayed tuned on Twitter using the hashtag #ElissaInOlympia

The Olympia Hall is well known for hosting French acts such as Dalida, Gilbert Bécaud, and international stars like Celine Dion, The Beatles, and Madonna.

Elissa has now joined the list of Arab personalities such as Umm Kulthum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Ahlam, Najwa Karam, and Hakim to have performed on the historical Olympia stage.

The artist has recently completed shooting the auditions for MBC's The Voice which will be aired on December 2, 2017.

Here is how social media reacted to her magnificent performance:

Elissa represented Lebanon in France...

"Elissa raises the Lebanese flag on the Olympia stage in Paris."

Even Adeela had something to say...

#ElissaInOlympia was trending in Egypt and worldwide

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"For the first time a trend in Iraq that's not about religion, politics or war... impressive Elissa #ElissaInOlympia."

Elissa also has another concert coming up in Stockholm, Sweden on November 24, 2017.