It's no secret that Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab has caused girls and women around the world to fantasize about donning one of his sublime works of art. But, it's not just his dresses that have left us swooning. 

Saab has other creations that also deserve some sincere appreciation: His sons Elie Jr., Celio and Michel.

Together with his charming wife Claudine, the Lebanese designer has brought to life three sons who - each in his own way - take the term "eye candy" to a whole new level.

Meet Elie Jr.


The 27-year-old works as a marketing director for his father's brand.

Meet Celio Saab

The 26-year-old, who holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, is an executive assistant to the managing director at the Elie Saab label.

Now, meet Celio Saab's abs

Man crush every day of the week

Meet Michel Saab (right)

The 22-year-old is often under the radar, but he regularly shows up to support his father at events and runway shows. 

Here's a look at the whole family

Dem genes though!

The Saabs' family portraits seem to get better and better

Be still ... my heart

The Saab boys' tuxedo game is on-point

But they can rock a casual look as well

Claudine Saab deserves plenty of appreciation too

One beautiful, supportive family

Speaking with Arab News back in 2004, the fashion designer said he leaves his sons to "choose their own paths."

"I deal with my sons with simplicity so that they can adjust to any environment or circumstances that they may meet. I'm an ordinary father like other fathers and I’d love their characters to develop without being affected by me," he explained.

Meanwhile, in a talk with Laha magazine in 2016, Saab said his sons have been supporting him and standing by his side throughout his "journey of a thousand miles." 

#Familygoals much?