Earlier this week, Saudi authorities in Al Qunfudah city arrested elderly social media star Ali bin Karman. 

This came after footage of him harassing a female nurse outside a hospital began circulating on social media. In the video, bin Karman can be seen engaging in a conversation with two other men. As he walks away, the men continue filming, ultimately catching the vile incident. 

The local celeb then appears to be taking a photo with two female nurses before inappropriately striking one of them. Those shooting the incident start laughing and making jokes.

Many called on authorities to take action against bin Karman and were relieved upon learning he was arrested. 

After his detainment, the man's family issued a statement pleading with authorities to examine his mental stability before taking legal action against him. They also asked police to "protect his human rights and prevent people from harassing him." 

The kingdom's Ministry of Health also launched an investigation into the incident and questioned the victim of the assault. 

The arrest had people divided on Saudi Twitter

Following the circulation of the video, bin Karman - who is best known for his 2018 viral clip - angered many Saudis. 

There were some who tried to justify his behavior, while others claimed he might suffer from a mental disorder. Some even blamed the victim of assault, saying she shouldn't have approached bin Karman for a photo. 

However, many came to the woman's defense and bashed the social media star for his revolting actions. 

Some defended bin Karman's actions

"An elderly man who's over 70-years-old... maybe he has a mental disorder. Everyone condemns what he did but it might've been a well-intended gesture or a joke. He was isolated from people for so many years and suddenly became famous." 

But the majority were just fed up: "No one make up excuses for him"

"No one make up excuses for him, whether he's a young or old man, he's still a harasser. If your excuse is that he doesn't know what he's doing, there are laws that'll teach him." 

Many called on him to be held accountable

"Harassment is a major problem here and most cases in our societies aren't taken seriously"

"We always make a million excuses to ensure an abuser isn't prosecuted. Our society and government must handle these issues seriously, there are no excuses for them." 

Saudi authorities have been fighting against sexual harassment in recent months

Sexual harassment cases are reported in Saudi Arabia on a daily basis. In recent years, the country has been adamant about taking action against the alarming rates of abuse.

In recent months, police departments across the kingdom have made immediate arrests in several abuse cases captured in videos.

In addition, the country recently passed an anti-sexual harassment law aimed at protecting victims.

The law is of vital importance in the kingdom, where women continue to face high rates of sexual harassment. Activists hope it will encourage more victims to come forth and report their abuser.