Summer is about soaking up the sun and getting that long-awaited tan. 

But for many Egyptians, especially those of us who can't handle the heat, it's a whole different story. 

This is why many have taken to Twitter to complain about the temperatures under the hashtag: الصيف_بالنسباالك# (What summer means to you). 

If you're one of those people who can't handle the pain of the sweltering heat, these are the struggles that you will definitely relate to: 

1. When your *evil* siblings decide to turn the AC off as you're sleeping

And you wake up soaking wet with sweat.  

2. Some love the summer, but it's not always easy

Summer time is fun, but it's just hot. Real hot. 

3. A few might be in denial, not believing summer is here

-"Is this summer?"


-"Enjoy getting grilled. I'll see you later."

4. Using public transportation becomes more of a challenge

"Seriously, what's that smell?"   

5. The child in us wonders: "Where is the vacation I was promised?"

Seriously, where is it?  

6. Many of us understandably miss winter when summer arrives

"Winter: I'll be back, just give me some time." 

7. We waste our lives staying home and cancelling the coolest of plans

"Every year I tell myself I'm going to enjoy the vacation until I end up staying home instead." 

8. Summer is all about big chunks of ice cold watermelon

9. To some, no summer vacation is complete without a visit to Alexandria

10. Summer is all about waiting for winter to come to the rescue

11. Some lyrics feel so hilariously true in summer

"To the women whose smiles make the sun shine brighter, please tone it down a bit, we're burning here!" 

12. Summer has its pros and cons including jellyfish

13. This is why it's a love-hate relationship

"Summer is about traveling and having fun. It's also about getting cooked medium rare."