In the latest in a series of moves said to help Egypt meet the terms of a $12 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan deal, the country raised electricity prices by more than 40 percent on Thursday, Al Arabiya reported. 

This comes just a week after they increased fuel prices by up to fifty percent. 

In his statement on the matter, Minister of Energy Mohamed Shaker said the new charges would apply as of July. 

"Households would pay up to 42 percent more while the price of electricity for companies and other commercial consumption was raised by up to 46 percent," Al Arabiya wrote. 

The latest hike is certainly going to affect millions of Egyptians who are already struggling amid the country's ongoing economic crisis

In response to the latest news, thousands of them turned to sarcasm, hilariously reacting to the latest hike via the Twitter hashtag: #الكهرباء (Electricity). 

Some people are imagining the future

Others don't even want to think about it

Some are already playing dead

Others are shocked

A few completely lost it

"What's wrong with candles?"

Naturally, people are sharing hilarious memes

Egypt's meme game is always right on point

"I am saving up this money... for your electricity bill"

Every Thursday? Why?

People just can't even