The Internet can be a very mean place sometimes. Whether it's in the form of negative comments or hateful hashtags, the screen often acts as a means that allows people to say horrible things to each other that they'd never say face to face.

That's why it's rare to find Internet users spreading positivity and inspirational words of wisdom like Egyptians did over the weekend with an Arabic hashtag that translates to "we will find comfort and peace when we understand."

The trending topic quickly turned into a compilation of valuable life lessons as users shared what they think are the important things in life we need to remember and understand. It's like all of your favorite Tumblr quotes combined.

Judging people is never all right

"We are not God so we can't judge people for their mistakes."

Time heals all wounds

"Everything that is hurting us now won't matter later."

"Tomorrow will be better than today, no sadness lasts."

Negativity never ends well

"Our negative thinking is useless."

And self-empowering inspiration

"Our dreams shouldn't be people."

"No one will stand by you more than yourself."

There's no need for regrets

"The past will not come back."

Cherish what you have

"There are people in our lives we won't come by again."

"Life is shorter and worse than staying away from the people we love and who love us, in hope to meet them another time."

Everything has a beginning and an end

"We will find comfort when we understand that everything has a duration and an ending, even our lives."

And we don't have to complicate everything

"Life is simpler than this and it doesn't need to be complicated."