After Emaar's Marassi  billboard ad appeared all around Egypt, some people just couldn't handle how the resort was being advertised.

Although there were several variations of the billboard campaign, the "get ripped for Marassi" took the cake.

Photo source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Egyptians are always the first to jump and turn something they don't like into a complete joke. This time, Marassi got hit hard, or should we say "ripped" hard?

People have been sharing some of the most hilarious spoofs in the past 48 hours in response to the billboard ad.

Many just want to get down with "sexy time"

Or just shooting Marassi down completely because well, body-shaming is a definite no-no

Some are suggesting that on top of building those muscles, you should arrive in style

While others are just flat out mocking the people who actually go there

Basically just making fun of the whole thing with different memes

Or pointing out the fact that to be able to go to Marassi you need to have money...

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