Forbes Middle East has just revealed its list of 'Top 100 Arab Celebrities' for the first time, and Egyptian stars are definitely shining! 

The ranking looks at different Arab celebrities in various industries - including actors, singers, and TV personalities - and is based on their overall social media platforms. 

Almost half of those on the list are from Egypt, with a total of 45 celebrities. Taking the number 1 spot is Egyptian singer Amr Diab himself with a total of 30.26 million followers across his social media platforms. 

Wanna know who else made it? Here's a breakdown:  

Other Egyptian celebrities on the list:

Amr Diab (No. 1), Adel Emam (No. 6), Ahmed Helmy (No. 11), Tamer Hosny (No. 12), Sherine Abdel Wahab (No. 13), Mohamed Hamaki (No. 14), Ahmed El Sakka (No. 17), Amal Maher (No. 21), Hassan El Shafei (No. 25), Mohamed Mounir (No. 26), Donia Samir Ghanem (No. 28), Mohamed Sobhy (No. 30), Ramez Galal (No. 35), Karim Abdel Aziz (No. 37), Hamza Namira (No. 41), Ghada Abdel Razek (No. 42), Mohamed Ramadan (No. 43), Yasmin Abdulaziz (No. 44), Mona Zaki (No. 47), Hany Shaker (No. 49), Moustafa Shaban (No. 50), Mohamed Henedy (No. 53), Tamer Ashour (No. 54), Ahmed Gamal (No. 56), Mohamed Emam (No. 59), Hassan El Raddad (No. 62), Hakim (No. 63), Angham (No. 64), Ramy Sabry (No. 65), Carmen Soliman (No. 66), Mai Ezz Eldin (No. 67), Khaled El Sawy (No. 68), Amr Waked (No. 69), Khaled Elnabawy (No. 74), Ayten Amer (No. 75), Sandy (No. 78), Ahmed Fahmi (No. 79), Asser Yassin (No. 80), Nabil El Halafawy (No. 85), Sameh Hussein (No. 87), Wafaa El Kilany (No. 88), Yosra El Lozy (No. 90), Heba Magdi (No. 93), Ali Rabee (No. 95) and Amr Youssef (No. 99).

The highest-ranking woman on the list is Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, who has around 48 million followers across various social media platforms.

How many celebrities made it to the list from each country?

Egypt: 45 

Lebanon: 25

Syria: 8

Saudi Arabia: 5

United Arab Emirates: 4 (one of which is Yemeni, Emirati) 

Tunisia: 4

Morocco: 4

Jordan: 2

Iraq: 1

Palestine: 1

Algeria: 1

Check out the full list here.