Coldplay fans in the region have a bone to pick with the band, launching campaign after campaign  to get the band to perform in Arab countries that aren't the UAE.

Now it's Egypt's turn, and the campaign is both massive and extremely creative.

The Starfish Campaign is asking Coldplay to extend their "Head Full of Dreams Tour" to Egypt in a social media campaign that has grabbed the attention of over 37,000 people.

"Don't underestimate the power of social media," the campaigners wrote on their Facebook page.

The campaign is not limited to Facebook. It's also spread to Twitter under the hashtag #ColdplayInEgypt to try and make the dreams of Egyptians finally come to life.

Cause they were all yellow...and lots of other colors

A head full of dreams...about a concert in Egypt

Because it would be night to remember

Down on our knees

TAKE MY MONEY...please

Photoshopping reality

Straight up: come to Egypt, Coldplay!